Frequently Asked Questions

This is a new site. I hope I have answered the most obvious questions. If not let me know.

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Why should I work with you?
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With me your website will be hosted with SiteGround, one of the most respected hosting companies out there. The site will be backed up daily. You will have a free SSL certificate and a free email account. Don't take my word for it - see what others have to say. I've just googled "best hosting company in uk"

Google Best Hosting

and, after the paid ads, the first item mentions SiteGround.

Googled SG Best Hosting

Try it for yourself, or follow this link or read this review.

You won't be getting SiteGround's basic package either. At the moment I have the 'Go Geek' deal, which is a top quality package... And YOU get all the advantages that come with it.

Why do I need a website?

You need a web presence - more and more is being done online nowadays. When you own a domain you can then have a far more professional and impressive email address. Instead of mysite@gmail.com, you can have sales@myshop.co.uk. Yellow Pages is a thing of the past. The first place most people look now is on the internet - almost certainly via Google! If they find you have a website, with the information they're looking for, then they are far more likely to get in touch and seek out your business.

What should I do next?

The best thing to do is to fill out the form on this site. Click here to do so. This will begin the process. You need to have some idea of the text and pictures you want on your website. One good way of progressing is for you to find examples of websites which you like the look of, and I'll use that to influence my design.

Why is your introductory offer so cheap?

Because I am a generous guy! No, seriously... I am working on my own, I am retired and my overheads are low. On the other hand, I have spent a lot of time and money on this - learning how to create websites, and investing in many web applications. It's time for me to turn all this into a small business providing a little extra income.

With the introductory deal, I hope to attract and reward my first customers, and so build up a portfolio of sites to show off.

Will you help me with the TEXT on the website?

Yes. I taught English for over 30 years and have some experience in creative writing, editing and proof-reading. I know how and when to use the apostrophe, and the difference between 'less' and 'fewer'.

Can you help with the PHOTOGRAPHS on the website?

Yes. I know where to find free (but very professional) images on the internet. I am also fairly skilled in the use of my (expensive) digital camera - so, for a reasonable fee, I could come and take some pictures for you site.

Will you set up my EMAIL account?

Yes. This comes free with your website. You just have to choose what you would like: bigcheese@mynewsite.com. Mail sent to this new address can be forwarded to your current email address.

Will my website be kept up to date?

Yes. Each deal includes a certain number of 'free' updates. These would be tinkering with the text and / or changing the odd photograph. More drastic updates (which amount to the redesign of a page, or comprehensive changes) would incur a fee. That would be £20 per hour, charged by the quarter hour. Estimates would be given in advance.

Will my website be protected from hackers and malware?

Yes. Sites build with WordPress will be protected by the Wordfence plugin which is one of the most popular security plugins available; it currently boasts 4+ million active installations. You site will have the Wordfence 'firewall' and it will be regularly scanned to detect problems.

Sites created on other platforms will have their own security measures. (For example this website is created with Brizy Cloud - the premium package!) Another possibility is Webstarts (again I have the Business Plan).

Can I send out a regular Newsletter ?

Yes. The system I use is provided by MailerLite. They offer a plan which works really well, and for my clients will be more than adequate. Take a look at their website. You can write and publish your own Newsletter, or I can do it for you if you provide the text and images.

Can I ask a different question ?

Of course! If you have a question which is not answered here, then send me an email - if appropriate I'll add it to this FAQ section. Thank you in advance!