Designing your site

and organising its content

How to get it looking just the way you like

and making sure it says exactly what you mean


One way to decide on this is to browse the web and send me links to sites that you like the look of. Or you can give me free rein to come up with something, and then offer your critique.


Elsewhere on the site I outline the difference between a ONE page website and a MULTI-page site. It should be a relatively simple task to explain to me how you want the content of your site structured.

Colour Scheme

These might be evident on your 'old site' or you might want a make-over. Go to this link to get some ideas. Or just google something like "color schemes for websites" and you will get some good suggestions.


You can provide your own photographs. For a reasonable rate I can come and take some for you. (I have good digital camera and can take a mean photograph!) Or we can search sites that provide free images. Two examples are: and


You provide the text you want to be included. With over 30 years' experience teaching English, I can edit, proof-read and even (dare I say it?) suggest improvements to you copy.